Orbi Setup Without App Easy Steps

Although the Orbi Setup comes with some easy-peasy configuration methods, there might be a chance that you are unable to access the Orbi App Setup. Or in another case, you want to choose the Orbi setup without app method but don’t have a brief detail about this. Be worry-free now as we have got some useful points that you can try out to make your device ready to use. So, keep going on to this information.

How To Access The Orbi Setup Portal?

Apart from the Orbi app setup approach, you can access the router’s setup portal on the web browser. From there you can configure and manage the extended network in a great way. Whereas, to configure your Orbi router, you can opt for the WPS setup easy approach instead using the WiFi app. Though this is a single push-button process and can be done in less time and effort.

WPS Configuration Method For Orbi Router

Obviously, the Orbi router supports the WPS feature, through which you can configure it without using any login and other credentials. However, to perform this process, check your existing modem’s WPS compatibility.

  • If your modem is compatible with the WPS function, start the setup process immediately.
  • Place and plug the Orbi router into the power outlet and near the host modem.
  • Later, press the WPS button on both devices separately with a gap of a few seconds.
  • Meanwhile, keep checking the WPS LEDs on both devices to get to know the process’ progress.
  • Hence, in these four simple steps, you will be done with the Orbi setup without app procedure.

Prerequisites For Another Setup Process

To carry out another setup process, there will be some things as requirements that you will require during the process. Go through the list once and perform the process trouble-free.

  • Your Orbi router and its login and some other documentation.
  • The host modem with an active and updated internet connection.
  • An ethernet wire to stably connect your device to the router.
  • Any device with access to the updated web browser.

Web-Based Orbi Setup Method

Once you are done with collecting those requirements, move to the setup process without wasting more time.

  • Use your device to connect to the plugged router by choosing the wireless network.
  • Alternatively, take a long ethernet wire and attach its ends to the router and the device’s ethernet ports.
  • After that, launch any web gateway and search for the router’s web address.
  • On the contrary, search for the router’s IP address in case you are not accessible to the web address.
  • As you click enter, the login window will be visible on the device’s screen.
  • Now, fill in the login details in the prompted field and click on the Log-In button.
  • From the next page, follow the directions shown on the screen to complete the setup process.
  • Thus, the Orbi setup will finish in this way and finally connect your devices to the network.

Manage The Orbi Router Network

To make the network secure and optimized, manage and do some changes in the router’s settings. Choose the router’s wireless settings option and change the SSID network name and password. Also, change the bandwidth channels as your neighbors might be using the same ones. Doing so will make your home network unique and safe from unauthorized users. Moreover, after changing the password, all those external devices will be logged out.

Make The Router Firmware Latest

Along with making changes to the router’s advanced settings, it is equally important to keep its software updated. As the Orbi router always requires working on the latest software version to offer the best performance. For this purpose, visit the firmware update page on the web-based portal.

See for the update according to your router model and save it on your PC if there is any available. Later, do the firmware update after uploading the file on the page and reboot the router if required. Thereafter, attach your device to the router and enjoy the extended and fastest signals.

Troubleshoot The Errors

Undoubtedly, it is common to face errors sometimes in the router’s working. There can be an issue in the router, modem, and device which may be recognized or not. The easy solution to fix those errors is to reset the router. As this process will help you to remove the errors permanent but keep in mind that the old configured settings will be discarded as well. So, after resetting the router, do the configuration again.

Thus, these are the points through which you will be successful in setting up the Orbi router without using the app. If you are still seeking more help, then get in touch with our Orbi Technical Support experts. Take more guidance from them and use it for your network.