Set Up The Orbi Router Easily

Is the Orbi app setup process next to impossible for you being a non-technical person? Or in other words, are you getting errors while accessing the Orbi setup portal? Don’t panic, as our use and easiest setup points will surely work for your difficulty. Check out and apply these tips and get the setup portal easily on your device. Ensure to use these points in an appropriate way to set up or manage the router.

Take The Orbi Router From The Box

As you get the Orbi router packed box, do its unwrapping and take the router outside. Also, get the ethernet and power cable if these are included in the box along with the quick manual setup guide. Here we recommend you go through the setup guide once to get to know your product details. Additionally, check and note down the router’s login credentials and its web or IP address that you will require to use in the process.

Connect Your Device And Install The App

For this process, just plug the router into a power outlet and turn the switch on. Make sure to place the router closer to the host modem and the device that you are going to use for the process. Later, take your Android mobile or iOS device and attach it to the router’s network. Choose any option from the wired and wireless connections to get connectivity on your device.

Use the network password while connecting your device wirelessly. Whereas, using the latest ethernet wire to make a wired connection. Thereafter, open the preferred app store on the device and search for the Orbi smart WiFi app on it. Choose the official and the latest one from the list and install it immediately. It is critically important to update the Orbi WiFi app from time to time if there are any updates available.

Do Orbi Router Setup On The App

After completing the app installation, open the app and allow your device to use it by clicking on the terms and conditions. On the next page, the Orbi login portal will visible on the app screen consisting of the username and password field. Fill in both details in the required fields and click Sign-In.

As a result, the app will redirect you to the setup portal of the router from where you can perform the further process. Choose the router network from the list and use its password to extend it. Within a few minutes, the Extended Successfully message will appear on the screen indicating that the router is configured now.

Change Network Settings

Further configuring the router, go to its wireless advanced settings and create a new SSID network name. Also, set a strong password for the router’s network to make it hard to guess. Doing so will allow you to make the network unique and secure and prevent unauthorized hackers as well. Moreover, alter the router’s bandwidth channels as your neighbor might using the same ones if they are also Orbi users. Lastly, keep the frequency bands active every time such as the 2.4GHz and 5GHz to get the highest internet speed.

Setup Through Web-Based Portal

In some cases, you might fail to do the Orbi app setup due to some technical issues in the router, modem, or device. In that condition, you can opt to choose the Orbi web-based setup portal instead of using the WiFi app. For this process, take your networked device and go to any web portal and search for the default web or IP address of the router.

As we mentioned above, you can take these details from the router’s manual guide. So, after doing that, you will see the router’s login portal on the next page which will ask you to fill in the login details there. As you click on the Login button, you will reach the setup page within a few minutes. Later, do some basic required things on the page and complete the process by utilizing the screen instructions.

Keep The Software Latest

In order to get the router’s optimized performance, it is important to keep the router’s firmware up-to-date every time. So, it is advisable to keep checking the latest updates often on the web-based management page. Check if there is any update available or not of your router model and download it and save it somewhere safe on your PC. Later, do the updation process after uploading the file on the same page. Wait for some time and reboot the router in the end. In this way, your router network will start providing the fastest internet signals with maximum stability.

After providing these simple setup and troubleshooting tips, we can now expect safely that you will be successful in doing the Orbi setup. If you still face errors in the router’s working, then resolve them after taking proper guidance from our technical experts.