Orbi Setup Through Smart App

Looking for help configuring or monitoring the Netgear Orbi device if you are doing it for the first time? Basically, there are two ways through which you can set up and monitor the Orbi device easily. The former is through the web-based portal and the latter is through the Orbi App Setup. But, don’t worry as we will discuss both processes separately in this blog.

Install Nighthawk App

To carry out the Orbi app setup process, you will require to install the Netgear Nighthawk app on your device. To do this, take your device and connect it to the router’s wireless network. Ensure to choose the router’s default network and insert the network password perfectly.

After doing this, open the Google Play Store on that networked device and type Nighthawk in the search field. Next, choose the app and launch it on the device. Soon, the app screen will be visible on your device’s screen, and then a tick mark on the terms and conditions.

Following this, as you visit the login portal, fill in the sign-in credentials in the box. After the login process, select the network from the app screen list and enter the network password in the prompted field. In this way, you will be successful in the Orbi App Setup procedure.

Monitor The Network

After configuring the Orbi router through the WiFi app, you can monitor the network from there. In order to do this, check the number of networked devices that are actually connected to the router. Verify whether they are your own or not. Also, you can change the SSID network name and password of the network to make it unique and secure. More than that, create a guest WiFi network to share it with some limited users.

Modify Advanced Settings

To make the router’s performance optimized, make some changes in the router’s wireless advanced settings. Change the bandwidth channels as your neighbors might using similar channels and making the network congested. Here, we reckon you to change the SSID name and password often to avoid hackers. Furthermore, make sure that both frequency bands are active and working well.

Web-Based Setup Portal

Besides that, the web-based setup window is another method that you can use if you are facing issues in the app.

  • Connect your PC to the router by using an ethernet wire for better connectivity.
  • Then, open the web browser on the PC and go into the search bar.
  • Insert the router’s web or IP address in the field and click enter.
  • As you do this, the next page will show the Netgear Orbi login window.
  • Following this, enter the sign-in credentials in the field and click enter.
  • Afterward, select the network from the list and allow the browser to extend it.
  • Once the network becomes connectable, attach more devices to it.

Locate The Router

Once you complete the setup process, remove it from the power socket and plug it somewhere you face sluggish internet speed. But, make sure that the router, host modem, and device are within the range together. Also, don’t let the metallic and electrical appliances come in touch with the router as these devices can absorb signals. Doing so will help you to eliminate the WiFi dead spots from your place. Now, you can connect more devices to the router’s network to enjoy the maximized internet speed.

Improve Router Performance

Started getting slow speed of internet all of a sudden while using the network? Don’t worry as this is common and can resolve easily by updating the firmware. For this process, see the router’s current firmware version and check the latest one as well. Visit the web-based setup page and see the updates after selecting your router model. If there is any availability, then download it on your PC.

While doing this process, disconnect other devices from the router and let the PC connect. Keep in mind to download the latest file and the router model number should be the same exactly. Therefore, visit the web-based setup page again and choose the Firmware Update option under Administration.

From there, start the updating process and upload the latest firmware file that you downloaded earlier. Once the process is complete, reboot the router and connect your devices to the network. In the end, check the router’s performance as it will start behaving well now. Here, it is advisable to keep the router’s software up-to-date every time to get stable and fastest signals.

Thus, these points will surely work for your Orbi router to set up and make its working better. If you still face a sluggish internet connection, then get more help from our Netgear Orbi Support Technicians. They will assist you through every step of the guide and will let you enjoy the seamless network.