Netgear orbi RBK753s router setup and access guide

If you have bought the latest Netgear Orbi RBK753s Tri-band wifi router, this guide will help you setup your Orbi router and the satellite combination. You’ll get comprehensive information on Orbi setup and an access guide.

Netgear Orbi setup process with Tri-band Mesh wifi router

  • Turn your modem off for a few minutes.
  • Now, turn the power off and remove your current home wifi router from the power outlet.
  • Place your Netgear orbi RBK753s router in the place of your previous wifi router.
  • Afterward, plug your internet modem and power it on with the orbi router.
  • Wait until you notice a flashing light or solid light on the orbi router.

Netgear Orbi configuration process for Orbi RBK753s

  • Initially, you need to select the central location in your home to place Tri-band wifi router.
  • Now, power the router and plug the satellite near to this wifi router.
  • Using the power adapter, plug your satellite into an electric power outlet.
  • After waiting for a few seconds, press the power button to turn on your orbi satellite.
  • You need to wait until the light on your satellite turns to flash white.
  • Afterward, press the sync button on your orbilogin device and the satellite.
  • You have to press the sync button within two minutes on both devices.

This syn button is responsible for connecting Orbi satellite with the Orbi devices. The solid blue light will appear on the OrbiRBK753s satellite if the sync process is successful. Moreover, if you see magenta or orbi pink light, move your satellite closer to the router. Also, to make finding a location work easy, try using the spot finder tool to provide your satellite with the most suitable location.

Setup your orbi login RBK753s using the orbi app

Orbi app has made the login process hassle-free. Moreover, you can even setup a Tri-band or dual-band wifi router using the orbi app. The app also helps to change the orbi default password and username on the router once you have setup your orbi router. Consider the following instructions for orbi router setup:

  • First, open your play store or apple store and search for your Netgear orbi app.
  • Once you have found it, click to download it and install it on your device.
  • After the orbi device is installed, follow the instruction that appears on the screen for the rest of the process.
  • Once the downloading process has finished, secure your orbi router RBK753s using the Netgear armor. It’s a high-security feature.
  • Open the orbi firmware app, and tap the security option to verify the activation mode of Netgear Armor.
  • Netgear armor refers to a cyber-security feature. It tends to block all tracks that give online threats to your router and attached devices.

Once you have finished the orbi setup, inspect for orbi firmware updates. It’s the software required for the device’s entire functioning. Do remember that your router can’t perform any task without Orbi firmware. Hence, you should always be proactive for the orbi updates; and timely install them. You can update your orbi router using the default password and username.

What features does Netgear Armor provide?

It offers the following features:

  • Network vulnerability assessment: To deliver the weekly security report, it scans and identifies network flow.
  • Automatic security updates: It sends real-time updates and alerts on your device.
  • Protection level: It takes care of your home network and connected devices by ranking the security. This ranking shows the protection level score ranges from 0 to 99. Alongside, security tips and suggestions are displayed on the protection level screen.
  • Instant Alerts: Notifies you when any threat is detected and blocked.
  • Web protection: It alerts you and instantly blocks any potentially harmful websites.
  • Anti heft protection: It also tracks your device’s location, allowing you to remotely wipe your data if the device is stolen or lost.
  • Threats blocked: It blocks viruses such as spyware, ransomware, malicious links, and other significant online threats before they access your network.
  • End-point device protection: It protects all computers, mobile devices, and smart home devices connected to your local network.

The ultimate guide to Orbi firmware update steps for orbi RBK753s router

  • First, connect your mobile device to the wifi network of your orbilogin device.
  • Wait until the white light flashes on the router, and then proceed.
  • Use the orbi app you have downloaded in the previous steps.
  • Afterward, enter your password for the orbi RBK753s router.
  • The default orbi setup and login password are Admin.
  • When you enter the default password, the orbi login dashboard will display.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of this page.
  • Now go to settings followed by router settings to verify for orbi firmware update.

While checking for updates,  if you find updates for your orbi RBK753s and the satellite, click on it. Afterward, follow the on-screen appearing app to complete the orbi firmware update process. It will take less time to complete the process.