Netgear Orbi firmware update failed

It’s preferable to look for an orbi firmware update whenever a new version is available to ensure the flawless functioning of the orbi router. Both the orbi router and satellite can automatically update their firmware. However, sometimes, the orbi router might fail to auto-update its orbi firmware, and Netgear orbi update failure results in several issues.

Typically, a slow or weak internet connection might be the cause of these issues. Fortunately, you can resolve the orbi firmware update failed error using a few troubleshooting tips. This blog has covered all those vital troubleshooting tips to help you fix the orbi firmware issues. Let’s begin.

Resolving Netgear Orbi firmware update failure:

Power cycle your orbi router and satellite-

Take a quick turnaround on the below steps to power cycle your orbi router and satellite:

  • Switch off the power socket in which your orbi device is plugged in.
  • Consider disconnecting all the cables, which connect the orbi router and satellite.
  • Wait for some while and connect your orbi router and satellite.
  • Now, turn on both the devices.

Once you have done it, try accessing the orbilogin page and inspect whether or not the orbi router has started auto-update its firmware.

Consider relocating the orbi satellite-

You must place your orbi satellite in a neat and clean area in your home and place the satellite near the router. For instance, if you’re using the AC2200 model of orbi, you should locate its satellite near the orbi CBR40 router. This process will help ensure your stellite is receiving enough signals to accomplish the orbi firmware update process. Besides, you must ensure that no objects such as security alarms, baby monitors, cordless phones, or Bluetooth devices interfere with your orbi device.

Check internet connectivity-

Ascertain the speed of your home’s wifi network. However, if the network is weak, your orbi router won’t be able to update its firmware.

We hope these troubleshooting tips have helped you fix the failed issue, but if the issue persists, consider manually updating the firmware of your orbi device.

How to manually update Netgear orbi router

Consider following the below steps to manually update the Netgear orbi router:

  • The first and most prominent work to do is to download the latest version of the firmware, depending on your orbi model. For instance, if you have Netgear Orbi AC 2200, download the firmware versions for AC2200 only.
  • Now, turn your computer on and open an internet browser on it.
  • Login to your orbi device. Once you have logged in, search the Firmware update section.
  • Click on the browser option and upload the downloaded Orbi firmware
  • You have to wait until the firmware file gets uploaded completely.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to update the Netgear orbi firmware.

Netgear Orbi Admin consol locked after firmware update

Are you also unable to access the orbi admin console of your router after performing the Netgear orbi firmware updates? Here we have enlisted a few ways to resolve the issue.

Bring your wifi devices closer:

If the distance between the orbi router and the existing modem is far away, consider reducing the distance between both wireless devices to troubleshoot this issue. But ensure you haven’t placed both devices too close to each other. Doing so could also result in interrupting transmitting the signals.

Validate the ethernet connection:

One of the significant reasons why you’re experiencing Netgear orbi admin console locked after the orbi firmware update is unstability between the connection between the devices. A damaged ethernet cable might be the cause of this issue. Hence, consider replacing the ethernet cable with a new one. If this didn’t work, then try connecting your devices wirelessly.

Avoid wifi interference:

If you have placed your Netgear orbi router near the objects like:
mirrors, fishtanks, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, aluminum studs, and utensils containing water,  it’s time to change your router’s placement. Such devices, surfaces, or appliances can interfere with or block the wifi signals of your router.

Verify the power supply:

Lack of proper power supply can also cause the Netgear orbi admin console to be locked after the orbi firmware update. Thereby, validate the power socket in which your orbi router is plugged. If you suspect that it’s damaged, get it repaired. If you want to accomplish that, just plug your wireless device into a wall socket.

Install the correct firmware version:

If you don’t pay attention to the version of the firmware you were installing, it might be possible that you have installed the incorrect firmware version. Hence, next time while installing the firmware update of your device, ensure that you’re installing the correct firmware version.

Scan for viruses:

Ensure your device is free from any viruses and other malicious software. You should install antivirus software on your device. The software will scan your device to help you get rid of viruses by eliminating the reasons that have caused the Netgear orbi admin console to be locked after the orbi firmware update.